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Foster a Community Where All People Can Thrive


Those who know me well know that I have committed my entire adult life to bringing people together for the health and prosperity of this city. I have worked hard to avoid the negative political rhetoric that encompasses politics today and makes voters frustrated and angry.


I believe there is way too much work to be done to bring our community together, provide good jobs, ensure safe streets, prioritize quality education, enhance government efficiency and bridge the racial gaps in our city. Our job as leaders is to create a community that enables all people to thrive, and that’s what I’m committed to doing each and every day.


I am committed to better engaging citizens in their government and giving them a more influential voice. In everything I do, I promise to bridge the dialogue between young and old, progressives and establishment, black and white.


We need to get back to focusing on ideas and solutions. I encourage citizens to get involved in their neighborhood organizations and with their local government. Don’t let others decide the future of your city. Be a part of the conversation about solutions and progress. We need to grow St. Louis for everyone, not just for the politically connected or those with means. I’m committed to doing just that, and I’m hoping you and others will join me to do the same.

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The Collector of Revenue team is serious about respecting you and the tax dollars we collect for city services. We have established a taxpayer pledge so you know what to expect when you call or visit our office:

  • As public servants and taxpayers ourselves, we are stewards of taxpayer dollars and we take seriously our responsibility to operate an office that is highly efficient and focused on top-quality customer service

  • You are not an interruption of our work; you are the most important people in our office

  • We will maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism at all times and in all of our actions

  • You work hard for your money; so we are committed to managing your taxes carefully, efficiently and with the greatest respect

  • Our employees will have the knowledge, experience and team spirit necessary to answer your questions and/or direct you to the proper solutions

  • Under no circumstances will we tolerate discrimination by our employees or any entity that represents this office

  • Your confidentiality will be passionately guarded and we will not disclose your private information to anyone, except as authorized by law

  • You have the right to know why we are asking you for information and how it will be utilized within our office

  • You are responsible for paying only the correct amount of tax or fees due under the law—no more, no less


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