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Summary of Accomplishments


  • Personal property taxes, real estate taxes, water and refuse utilities can all be paid through the PayItSt.Louis app, online, or by phone.

  • Earnings Taxes can be paid online.

  • Taxpayers can access and print their personal property and real estate tax receipts online.

  • Taxpayers can enroll in the Pre-Pay program to pay their personal property and/or real estate taxes throughout the year rather than all at once making payments more manageable and easier to budget.    

  • Created online, fillable forms for Earnings Taxes and other services.

  • Participate in Informed Delivery Mail campaigns so taxpayers can preview what’s coming in the mail from the office.

  • Upgraded mailing systems to save taxpayers money on processing and postage.

  • Instituted a Candidate Clearance Procedure in compliance with City Ordinance #70991, which requires all candidates for an elective public office of the City of St. Louis to have their personal property tax, real estate tax, earnings taxes, and water-refuse bills paid in full at the time of their filling.



  • Upgraded the website to be a more comprehensive and informational experience for users.

  • Implemented a digital filing system for earnings tax records making it faster and easier to access information for taxpayers.

  • Developed an electronic suit filing system for personal property and earnings tax delinquencies reducing the manual labor required to complete these tasks and allowing employees to better focus on customer service.

  • Instituted new procedure manuals for each department ensuring every employee has the proper training tools and documentation needed to best serve our taxpayers.

  • Created a Collector Image Retrieval system to assist employees in browsing, searching and quickly retrieving images of payments for taxpayers.

  • Increased revenue collection using public records technology such as Clear to help locate current and accurate taxpayer contact information

  • Accelerated the processing of customer payments by updating the OPEX scanning and RTL payment verification process to include Check21 electronic checks.

  • Utilized IRS data through the IRS Data Exchange Program to more accurately extract taxpayer information to increase overall collections.

  • Created a Transcript Delivery System in house, which allows authorized employees to request taxpayer information from the IRS to perform a more precise audit of business and individual taxpayers.

  • Send monthly new resident postcards to people who move to a new residence in the city alerting them of their earnings tax obligations and providing important city contact information.

  • Increased social media presence to aid in providing taxpayers with updates, deadlines, and important information

  • Successful completion of audits by multiple taxing authorities and an independent auditor to verify accurate collections and distribution reporting.


  • Recently, Gregg was nominated for Golden Gov: Executive of the Year, by the LocalSmart Award program presented by StateScoop. The LocalSmart Award program honors the visionaries who transform local government to make a difference in citizens' lives. “These awards celebrate the achievements of those who work to make a lasting impact in the government IT community,” is how the award is described by the LocalSmart Award program.

  • Under Gregg’s leadership, the Collector of Revenue Office won three major awards:

  • Local Smart Award: PayIt St. Louis – IT Innovation of the Year.

  • Government Experience Award: 2020 City Government Experience Winner

  • Smart 50 Award: 2021 Smart 50 PayIt St. Louis


Collector of Revenue Office

The Collector of Revenue’s Office for the city of St. Louis is a County office under State Statute. The office was established to collect real estate taxes, personal property taxes, and earnings taxes. The office also collects funds for the Water and Refuse Departments. The Collector of Revenue also operates a Department of Revenue Licensing Office for the State of Missouri. All of these offices and services are located in St. Louis City Hall.


Taxes collected are distributed throughout the city to support various public services such as the police department, fire department, public education; city services such as streets, traffic, and recreation facilities such as the Zoo, Art Museum, Science Center, Botanical Garden, History Museum, libraries, among others.

To serve taxpayers, our phones are answered directly by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. In addition, we have Spanish and Bosnian translators on staff. Sign language interpreters are also available at City Hall.

​For more information about the Collector of Revenue’s Office and the different taxes and fees that we collect, please visit our website at



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